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Mirzan bin Mahathir:Opportunities for Strategic Cooperation in Marine Economy between East Asia and ASEAN

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I am honored to be able to participate in this event and speak in front of you. Thank the organizer and Chinese government for inviting me and made elaborate preparations and arrangements for this forum.

Today, I want to tell you a case analysis that actually represents the cooperation in the ocean. This cooperation is carried out between major partners in East Asia. Everyone knows that this picture is the Belt and Road Initiative. In fact, many guests cited such a map today. This map is the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, which is the trade route connected by the sea. so we actually talk about is Japan, China, South Korea and other countries in Southeast Asia. these countries are connected through this road. Through the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, the five major external channels are realized. There are a lot of good ones between the national policies and infrastructures, which can promote trade, financial links, improve financial capabilities and also the links between the people.

  Today I want to talk about fisheries.

The fisheries are actually a very important part of marine resources. This case analysis mainly talks about the cooperation between two major countries and the cooperation in the development of fisheries. To give you some background knowledge, this industry is actually very prosperous and there are about 60 million people participating in fisheries all over the world. Asia account for very important part of global fisheries. You can see that about 84% of them come from Asia. Whether in terms of production or consumption, Asia is very important in field of aquaculture, marine fisheries and inland fisheries.

We must also take a responsible attitude in fisheries because our existing fishery resources have been declining annually since 1990s. Further, we must establish best practices to protect existing fish resources. Many committees around the world are now regulating fisheries to ensure that there is no overfishing. There are many kinds of management committees, for example, Malaysia, we also participate in the Indian Ocean Committee. At the same time, let's take a look at this chart. One of the fishery projects that we want to focus on is to connect China and Malaysia. We are talking about an important port, which was originally developed vigorously in Malaysia, that is, we just saw the counterpart pilot project between Qingdao and this port. As we all know, Qingdao is actually very adequate in terms of infrastructure and fishery production capacity, and also has a long fishing history. There are many companies involved in fishery in Qingdao. In fact, these companies are very experienced and also have a lot of experience in fishery port cooperation. In this regard, the two countries have full discussions and many bilateral meetings to exchange fishery development. Let’s take a look at this picture that is a fishing port in Qingdao. It can be said here that it has received a variety of fish from all over the world. This is the comprehensive fishery development plan that we have just proposed. The project started. There are ports in these seas around us. we can build the world-class fishing ports and storage facilities.

The ports are very important infrastructures. As you can see in the Belt and Road Initiative, these infrastructures are very important for economic development. At the same time, it can also support other related industries because of the characteristics of the fishery industry. It will actually promote the shipbuilding industry, as well as the shipping and other auxiliary industries. As you can see, this is a picture of the fishery-related service industry. Behind the fishing port, we also hope to develop the processing of fish products, which can attract many fishing companies to invest here, and can also promote economic development. This is a very good example. Therefore, we hope to have a rapid development in the fish product processing industry, and at the same time promote Malaysia’s economic development. We also hope that by strengthening cooperation between the two countries, including the cooperation between port and port, we can inspire connections in other industries and hope to open up cooperation between other ports, play a role of one plus one greater than two and serve the global market, not just limited to the Chinese market. To give an example, the maritime cooperation that can be carried out among East Asian countries. We feel that this kind of cooperation can develop local corporate culture cooperation through joint cooperation projects.

At the same time, successful cooperation can be carried out at the government level, then I think that we should uphold such a concept in the future. We also hope to attract other countries to follow our model and create more successful cases in maritime cooperation in East Asia. moreover, we will also create more successful cases along the Belt and Road, especially along the Maritime Silk Road. Thank you.