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Ye Xiaowen: Interconnection, Mutual Learning and Benefiting

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Two days ago, President Xi Jinping emphasized once again that in the face of the uncertainties and instability of world economic growth , China adheres to the path of openness, cooperation and win-win, and firmly maintains an open world economy and multilateral trading system. The open finance, cooperation and win-win is the topic that I want to talk about today.

Is it possible for open finance and win-win cooperation? Is it necessary? Is it practical ? This question is a bit complicated, and it needs to look in the nowadays, the long run and the reality. At present, the Sino-US trade war has already begun, China has been the second-largest economy and its GDP ranks second meanwhile the United States knows that truth. Actually, China is still not the second although its GDP ranks second. We don’t wear the hat of the second because we are not the fool. Well, the United States will never lost the hat of first title. If America is to be great again, how can it be realized? Taking the priority of the United States as its credo. In addition, China is regarded as a strategic competitor. Everyone knows that this trade balance war has further forced China to open up financial insurance and contain China Made 2025. This trade war starts with extortion of interest and it’s goal is strategic containment. After World War II, the United States became the dominant country in the Western world, and contained both the Soviet Union and Japan. Now China has become the second, the so-called second title has completely changed the US perception and sentiment toward China.

When did Western developed countries, such as, the United States rise? From the the Renaissance, then the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the United States developed. The Renaissance is the liberation of people, that is, the liberation of productive forces, so they rose. But after the Renaissance, this rising country has a lot of desires. The relationship with society and with people are all tense. The economic development of modern great powers is based on industrialization and urbanization. It must involve in a large demand for coal, oil, natural gas and the ocean, and for the continuous expansion of market resources. How can this demand be met? It was the warship and artillery that slowly contributed to the prosperity of the Western world. The economic development of contemporary great powers is based on economic hegemony, high-end industries and technological advantages in the process of economic globalization with high profits in the upstream, the law of the jungle, the winner takes all, the one-of-a-kind, allies only can share a piece of soup. Therefore, since the Renaissance, the cultural vitality and power mechanism have appeared inadequate and negative effects, just like a car driving faster and faster and the brakes are a bit out of order. The people are to be liberated. However, the great publicity of anthropocentrism has transformed the worship of gods. For fetishism, man became a slave of desire. The Western world before the Renaissance was at an extreme, God-centered, King-centered, and extremely degraded people.

British historian Toynbee said that to avoid human suicide. At this point, the most fully prepared among all ethnic groups now is the Chinese nation, that is, the unity of heaven and man, and harmony is the most valuable. All of us in China should make a difference. As we have already said, our new Renaissance is to build a harmonious world, development, natural harmony, social harmony, and human harmony. Returning to this question, the US leader and the China second are real problems. The US is the boss, and the rise of great powers will inevitably accompany the outward development, promote the market economy, and continue to globalize. The report of the Nineteenth National Congress of China scared them, we ran ahead of the United States. The American boss could not stand it. A newly emerging power must inevitably challenge the existing powers. In this way, war becomes inevitable. This prediction is too powerful and fast. How does the rising China further open to the outside world? President Xi Jinping said that we should avoid falling into a trap. The assertion that a powerful country can only pursue hegemony does not apply to China. Many Westerners laugh at this. Why does China have no such a genes? The reason is as simple as it is today. The Chinese nation, which is running fast on the road to the great rejuvenation of the nation peacefully in the world, dealing with people, and showing virtue.

Talked so much and everything depended on the reality. Of course it is feasible. The Belt and Road is the principle of consultation, joint construction and sharing. This Belt and Road is a symbol of the ancient Silk Road. More than one hundred countries and international organizations have signed documents with China to expand to Africa, South America, the Caribbean and South Pacific. Promote our country's open space, from the coast along the river to the inland, forming a new pattern of land, sea and air linkages, east-west opening, and the cumulative trade volume of goods in related countries exceeds US$ 5 trillion. Therefore, British historians say that the axis of world rotation is shifting and moving back to the Silk Road, then it is possible, it is necessary, and it is feasible where is openness, cooperation, and win-win.

We succeeded in taking photos from outer space, look carefully, you will see a small point, that is our home, everything we have, everyone you love, everyone you know, you have heard of Everyone, everyone who has ever lived on it, our joy and pain gathered together, all the hunters and robbers, heroes and cowards, the creator and destroyer of civilization, the king Live here with farmers, young couples, mothers and fathers, hopeful children, inventors and explorers, highly respected teachers, corrupt politicians, superstars, supreme leaders, every saint and criminal in human history — A tiny dust suspended in the sun.

In the vast universe theater, the earth is just a very small stage, think about all those emperors who killed each other in blood, their glory and victory have made them a fleeting master of a part of the light spot. Think about the inexhaustible and brutal crimes committed by the residents who live in one corner of this point, and the residents who have almost no difference in other corners. How many misunderstandings do they have? How anxious they are to kill each other, how strong is their hatred?

Our mood, our arrogant self-esteem, and the illusion that we have a privileged position in the universe are all challenged by this pale light spot. In the huge all-inclusive dark universe, our planet is a lonely spot. Due to our low-end status and vast expanse of space, there is no hint that there will be a savior from somewhere else to save us from our own situation.

It has been said that astronomy makes people feel inferior and can cultivate their personality. Apart from this photo of our micro world taken from a distance, there is probably no better way to reveal how stupid human beings are. For me, this emphasizes our responsibility to get along more friendly, and to protect and cherish this light blue light spot, which is the only home we know so far. Although it is too long-term, the truth is the same. Openness, cooperation, and win-win are the highest realm and the ultimate goal. China is willing to work with all countries in the world to build a community of shared future for mankind.

From ancient times to modern, living a happy and beautiful life has always been the dream of mankind. In the history of thousands of years of civilization, mankind has created splendid achievements, but the wars and conflicts have never stopped, plus various natural disasters, diseases and plagues, Mankind has experienced countless hardships and paid a terrible price. Today, the Internet, big data, cloud computing, quantum satellites, artificial intelligence are developing rapidly, the connection of human life is unprecedented, and the number of global problems is as large as it is scaled. The future and destiny of people around the world are more and more closely linked.

Faced this situation, mankind has two choices, one is that people compete for power and profit, and even meet each other. This is likely to bring a catastrophic crisis. The other is that people follow the trend of the times and work together to meet challenges and develop Global cooperation,which will create favorable conditions for building a community of shared future for mankind.

The author is the member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, deputy director of the Culture History and Learning Committee.