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Underwater Marine Organism Cleaning Robot Project of the Marine Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest Settled Down in Qingdao West Coast New Area

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Since its launch in May last year, the Marine Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest (hereinafter referred to as the “Contest”) of the 6th East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum has held the Ningbo Global Virtual Test, Shanghai Contest, and Shenzhen Contest successfully. More than 150 domestic and foreign high-quality projects in the field of marine science and technology were attracted to attend.

For now, the Underwater Marine Organism Cleaning Robot Project emerging in the Ningbo Global Virtual Test has officially settled down at the headquarters of the Platform (Qingdao West Coast New Area). Afterward, a final assembly base will be established for producing medium and large underwater equipment and forming the underwater marine organism cleaning robot industry. The Project will focus on the civilian field of the deep-sea fishery and gradually expand to other coastal cities in China based on the coastal markets of Shandong with the help of other industrial fields such as offshore wind power, offshore oil and gas, and underwater engineering. Additionally, it will also focus on overseas marketing and serving the countries along the “Belt and Road” such as Iran, the Philippines, and Malaysia, so as to assist in the construction of the Maritime Silk Road.

Early this year, the Executive Committee of Qingdao Forum increased efforts in the overall planning to further improve the functions of the East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform and give full play to the spillover effect of the platform. Adhering to the principle of “attracting wisdom and talents through the Contest”, it keeps improving the function of the industry and talent integration so as to provide accurate services positively. Up to now, five high-level marine talent projects have settled down in the Qingdao West Coast New Area with the help of the platform.
Underwater Marine Organism Cleaning Robot Project of Qingdao Shuiwan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd.

By combining the self-developed special in-situ digestion agent and the underwater injection robot, this project intends to activate the dormant microorganisms to eliminate organic pollutants in the sediments, which can avoid the excavation and handling of sludges required by the displacement method and get rid of the problems such as sludge stacking and high processing costs.

In addition to the anti-attrition, anti-twisting, and anti-winding advantages, the robot can significantly enhance the cleaning effect. With an innovative structure, namely the metal plate structure + coated Teflon + embedded circular edges at the four corners, the robot is superior to more than 80% of the mainstream products in terms of the propulsion mode, and its conjugate cavitation jet disc cleaning technology is also unique.

This project can accurately, mechanically, and automatically resolve the industry dilemma of river and lake sediment treatment at a low cost; therefore, it is a Blue Ocean project with comprehensive competitiveness and a new way of thinking.