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As another practical outcome under the framework of the East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform, the International Marine Chamber of Commerce Association Alliance (IMCCAA) is being initiated and establis

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The Secretariat of the International Marine Chamber of Commerce Association Alliance (IMCCAA) is now inviting contributions to the LOGO design scheme of the Alliance from the public. We do this for the purpose of further enhancing the brand recognition, awareness, and reputation of the IMCCAA. We believe this will help us further promote the sustainable development of the marine economy, deepen international cooperation in the marine field, better serve the exchange and development of international marine industries, and make positive contributions to the exploring and establishment of a pioneering demonstration zone of a marine community with a shared future.

About the International Marine Chamber of Commerce Association Alliance (IMCCAA)

As an important measure of the East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform in building up an entity,  the International Marine Chamber of Commerce Association Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance) was launched by China Enterprise News Marine Industry Foreign Cooperation Promotion Center of Qingdao West Coast New Area (a permanent operating institution of the Alliance) under the China Enterprise News Group and jointly established by China Enterprise News Live, Chinese Enterprise News Group and Shanghai Office of Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation, Chinese Foreign Ministry. It intends to promote the sustainable development of the marine economy and construct an influential international cooperation platform in the global marine field. Additionally, as one of the key highlights of Qingdao Forum 2022, the Alliance will hold its inaugural ceremony during the opening ceremony of the Qingdao Forum 2022.  

Design requirements
Design theme and positioning

The design scheme shall be characteristic, thematic, and well-positioned. Based on a correct understating of the IMCCAA’s characteristics and positioning, it shall fully embody the service principle of the Alliance, namely "economy-oriented, industry-linked, and win-win cooperation".  It shall fully demonstrate that the Alliance is a marine ecosystem featuring equal exchanges through accurate and appropriate implications.

Design style

The design idea shall be novel, simple and easy to remember, and with strong visual effects. The design pattern shall be clear, bright, and concise, with appropriate and eye-catching color matching. The combination of words and graphics shall be coordinated and unified. The whole design shall also be easy to identify and spread and suitable for production and application on various carriers.  

Design criteria

A text description in about 300 words shall be provided to briefly elaborate on the design idea, concept, connotation, and interpretation. The font used in the LOGO must be a self-created one instead of one from the font library; otherwise, the LOGO designer shall be responsible for any copyright problems caused thereby. The LOGO works shall be JPG\PNG files with standard scale, standard color, font, and size (297*210mm or above) indicated. The picture resolution shall be 300dpi or above. Additionally, the relevant vector graphs and PSD files shall also be provided after the works are selected; otherwise, the works will be disqualified.
Activity period

Contribution: From now on to March 17th

Review: From March 18 to March 25, 2022

Announcement: Five working days after the review work is completed
Review and award
A review committee will be set up for the activity to evaluate the works and guide the activities in an orderly manner. The review process will adhere to the principle of fairness and justice, taking the practicality, aesthetics, creativity, and design concept of the entries as the only evaluation criteria and the real strength and level of the design as the only basis for scoring. The results of the selection will be published on our official website and media such as China Enterprise News Network and the official WeChat account of China Enterprise News Live. After the publicity period, winners will be given awards and certificates.  

The cash awards will be paid in RMB and are tax-included. Five finalists will be awarded RMB 2000 yuan each, and the finally selected one will be awarded RMB 10000 yuan.  
Submission Method

Contributors are requested to send the design proposals in the electronic form to the email box: with the file named "the author's name (organization) + design proposal solicitation" and the email subject filled in as "LOGO Design Proposal Solicitation of the IMCCAA ".  Please indicate the author's name, ID card number, organization, telephone number, and mailing address in the electronic version of the design. If you are an organization, please provide a copy of your business license.  
Other matters
No fee will be charged for this solicitation, and all submissions will not be returned. Contributors must keep their original design manuscripts for verification. The submitted works must be original and have never been published in any form before this solicitation. The use of the works shall not infringe the rights of any third party. In case of any infringement dispute, the author concerned shall bear the corresponding legal liability and be disqualified from the solicitation.   

After the author receives the award, the copyright, use right, and other related rights of the selected works shall be transferred to China Enterprise News Marine Industry Foreign Cooperation Promotion Center of Qingdao West Coast New Area, the operating unit of the IMCCAA. The winning individual or group shall no longer use or transfer the works to any third party. The China Enterprise News Marine Industry Foreign Cooperation Promotion Center of Qingdao West Coast New Area enjoys the right to modify, redesign, register, display, publish and otherwise use the selected works. The contributor no longer enjoys any rights related to the copyright of the works.  
All contributors to the organizer are deemed to have accepted all terms of this notice. The organizer, China Enterprise News Marine Industry Foreign Cooperation Promotion Center of Qingdao West Coast New Area has the final interpretation right to this solicitation activity.  
Contact information:

Secretariat of the International Marine Chamber of Commerce Association Alliance


Tel.: 13761678627 (also the WeChat account)