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A Meeting was Held for Coordinating the Preparations of East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum 2021

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On the morning of August 11, 2021, the Meeting on the Preparations of East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum 2021 was held at the International Conference Center of CREC Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition, chaired by Zhao Yingmin, who is the Secretary of Leading Party Member's Group of the Marine Development Bureau of Qingdao Marine High-tech Zone, and attended by Ding Yiqun, who is the Deputy Director of the Executive Committee of Qingdao Forum, the Member of the Working Committee , and the Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Qingdao Marine High-tech Zone.

Total 11 Task Forces reported their respective work progresses at the Meeting, covering the preparations for 9 categories of events and activities.

Zhao introduced the history of East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum, briefed the marketization progress of East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform, and shared the featured activities of the categories newly added to Qingdao Forum in this year. He suggested that the investment promotion, talent attraction and other departments should plan proactively, actively engage with the exhibitors of China Marine Economy Expo to drive both the investment promotion and the talent attraction, and provide opportunities for the marine businesses within the Zone to build promising relationships with the specialists, experts, professionals and industry leaders at this Forum. As for the preparations, he emphasized that the upcoming Forum should be the icing on the cake and positioned high, to deliver a quality event based on high standards.

Ding put forward high demands from three aspects: to break down the responsibilities for implementing the execution scripts; to ensure the classes and circles of guests; and to maintain the continuity of preparatory work. He emphasized that all units involved should communicate and coordinate with each other continuously to exchange decisions and other information timely, so as to achieve a successful forum based on high quality and high standards.