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Smart Use of Ocean and Smart Future of Qingdao | East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum - 2021 Global Marine Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest (Global Online Sub-Contest) held s

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June 17, the 2021 Global Marine Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest (Global Online Sub-Contest) was held at the JCG Global Roadshow Center. Thirteen outstanding projects, including the LanMap Marine Meteorological Service Project and the Seawater Bloom Early Warning, Prevention, and Control Project were presented to the world via video links.

The West Coast New Area of Qingdao is deeply implementing the marine industry breakthrough action to build a modern marine industry system supported by six industrial clusters, including ship and marine engineering equipment and marine biomedicine. Through focusing on key links, introducing core elements, and improving a high-quality development indicator system, the New Area strives to have the six major marine industries doubled in three years.

Today’s West Coast New Area has reached a new historical starting point. Featuring a profound industrial foundation, high-end industrial platforms, superior support policies, and first-class service standards, it gathers talents of the world to make entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Since its launch in May, the 2021 Global Marine Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest has solicited more than 50 innovation and entrepreneurship projects covering a variety of fields, including marine equipment and biomedicine. As the first sub-contest of the contest, the Global Online Sub-Contest has showcased the unique science and technology advantages of the entries in the roadshow form. Leaders of the three projects- Aruna, GreenCell, and ROVAR come from overseas, and they also completed the roadshow despite the time difference.

The LanMap Marine Meteorological Service Project has independently developed a binary-based big data engine for marine weather prediction. It can parse the massive heterogeneous numerical prediction products from Europe, Germany, and the US and provide refined, personalized, and intelligent prediction services concerning various marine elements, such as sea wind, sea wave, sea current, sea fog, and sea temperature, for seaports, marine communication and transportation, distant-water fishery and other industries. It now has been tried out in projects such as Zhejiang Ocean Big Data, Dalian Intelligent Fishing Vessel, Qingdao Smart Ocean, and Weihai Smart Fishing Port.

The Industrialized High-End Marine Exploration Equipment project has conducted researches on a variety of core technologies and equipment, including full-ocean-depth 3D imaging sonar, mid-depth multi-beam echosounder, 52 deep-sea near-seafloor multi-beam echosounder, sub-bottom profiler, and underwater integrated navigation system, together with the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Southeast University. Its self-developed products have performance comparable with the overseas leading commercial products but only a 60% price, presenting obvious cost-effective advantages.

During the sub-contest, senior investors, including Zhang Jianhua, Deputy General Manager of Dongyuan Venture Capital, He Siqi, Partner of Anxin Capital, Li Yuan, Partner of Caozhixing Chuangtou, and Xu Yunshang, Investment Director of Trade Fund, carried out in-depth communication with entrepreneurs on the five aspects- entrepreneurial team capability, technical advancement, project feasibility, project industrialization prospect, and implementation feasibility.

The 2021 Global Marine Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest is underway. Entrepreneurs at home and abroad are welcome to register for it.