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Preparatory Work Meeting held for the 2021 East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum

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On the morning of July 2, the Preparatory Work Meeting for the 2021 East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum was held in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao. Leaders of the Executive Committee and responsible persons of the member units all showed up.

The Meeting heard the reporting on the preparations for the nine major events, including the Opening Ceremony & Main Forum, the International Forum of Blue Economy Entrepreneurs & Young Scientist Forum, the International Seaweed and Health Industry Forum, the East Asia Marine Culture and Tourism Development Forum, the Global Marine Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, the East Asia Seaport Alliance Conference, China Ocean Engineering Science and Technology Innovation Forum, the International Forum of Marine Environmental Governance, and the East Asia Marine Expo. The working departments (groups) and the leading units of all sections all made exchanges and speeches.

Zhao Yingmin, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of the Marine Development Bureau, West Coast New Area of Qingdao, has made recommendations on how to strengthen the interaction between the exhibitions and the "Double Recruitment and Double Invitation", how to improve the marketization level of the main forum, and how to strengthen the professionalism of the sub-forums.

Wu Zhicheng, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC of West Coast New Area of Qingdao, has proposed requirements on work concerning improving ideological understanding, detailing work plans, overall scheduling, close coordination, dealing with concrete issues, guaranteeing security and orderliness, as well as summarizing and thinking. The meeting stressed that all organizations should dare to take responsibilities, cooperate fully, make careful arrangements, and implement meticulously to ensure the complete success of the Qingdao Forum.