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The Global Marine Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest launched in Qingdao West Coast New Area

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The 2021 Global Marine Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, an event organized by East Asia Maritime Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum, kicked off on May 12. Bearing the goal of Smart Use of Ocean and New Future of Qingdao in mind, it focuses on combining outstanding projects with the existing industries of Qingdao to boost the development of high-level talents and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

Themed on marine technologies, the Contest will  collet extensively no less than 150 high-tech entrepreneurial projects with core competitiveness and growth potential from all over the world, covering marine equipment manufacturing, marine biomedicine, new marine materials, marine information, marine chemical industry, and other fields. It will visit and research the key enterprises in the marine field to examine the current situations of the industry and collect high-quality projects specifically. There will be two live sub-events in Shenzhen and Shanghai and one global video sub-event taking place. The final will invite industry experts and heads of well-known venture capital institutions to serve as primary judges to determine the Top 12 players and the first, second, and third prizes.

The Contest is committed to building an international entrepreneurship and innovation event. Insisting on “inviting in” and “stepping out”, it will connect high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship recourses from professional institutions to promote full communication between projects and industries and facilitate the implementation and development of entrepreneurial projects with all-around and whole-process services. Award-winning projects will get comprehensive support in talent subsidies, entrepreneurial support, enterprise cooperation, and housing security. For examplethe award-winning projects of the first and second prizes, if implemented in Shandong Free Trade Zone Qingdao Area, will be selected and included in Qingdao Industry Leading Talents Program. Depending on the results, an award-winning project will receive a 1 million to 3 million yuan subsidy if it can be executed  successfully in the New Area within one year.

The award-winning projects are also entitled to the financing, incubation, market resource introduction, policy interpretation, and project application guidance services, which are provided by the team of Qingdao West Coast Talent Ecological Industry Group and SAICHUANGWEILAI (Qingdao) International Talent Science and Innovation Center after settling in the West Coast New Area.

“Through the Contest, the New Area will speed up the building of a marine science and innovation platform, where enterprises, capital, and research institutions interact with each other. It will promote the formation of the four chains (industry chain, capital chain, talent chain, and technology chain) required for innovation and entrepreneurship and encourage more high-end talent teams and research and development achievements to gather in the New Area. These efforts will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the marine industry and build Qingdao  a famous international marine city with international attraction, competitiveness and influence.” Wu Zhicheng, Vice Chairman of CPPCC in Huangdao District of Qingdao stated.

The Contest is soliciting projects now. If you have an outstanding project, please sign up through the Content's official website Haichuanggu ( click on the Entrepreneurship Contest, and choose the “Smart Use of Ocean, New Future of Qingdao” 2021 Global Marine Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, East Asia Maritime Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum to sign up. You can also submit your project by phone or email: Contact: Mr. Wang 15728004968 or email: