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"Zero distance" to understand marine work, the Coastal Development Bureau of the new West Coast held an open day

Pubdate:2020-12-25 09:24 Source:Dazhong daily Click:

Experience the "one-stop" convenient service in the service hall, and watch the ocean management trends in real time through the large screen Recently, the Marine Development Bureau of Qingdao West Coast new area organized government open day activities, inviting representatives of the public to the fishery development service hall, Party building space, and marine wisdom platform for observation and exchange, which effectively promoted the deep integration of government affairs and people's livelihood services, effectively enhanced the sense of participation and gain of the masses, and enhanced the communication between the government and the masses.

In the fishery development service hall, the relevant responsible persons of the Marine Development Bureau of Qingdao West Coast new area focused on the convenience and benefit of the "one-stop" function of the service hall on the characteristic contents of "integrating resources and serving the people". Through on-site experience, the public representatives learned about the window layout, handling matters, handling process and service of the center.

In the office building of the Bureau, the public representatives, led by the commentators, visited the theme space of "party building leading the way, pursuing the dream of dark blue". In front of the theme wall on the first floor, the announcer introduced the party building brand of the Bureau in detail. The public representatives had a detailed understanding of the historical evolution, specific business segments, Party building work plan, Party members' practical activities, party affairs and clean government education of the Marine Development Bureau of Qingdao West Coast new area.

Through the large screen, we can intuitively understand the real-time dynamic of marine management, fishery management, disaster prevention and mitigation. The third stop of the event, visiting the smart ocean management platform, was shocked by the modern and technological equipment. Although the platform was officially put into operation on December 18, it didn't take long. At the scene, the person in charge of the center let the public representatives understand the situation of the smart offshore platform through video introduction, demonstration and explanation, and let visitors have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of how "wisdom" can enable "efficient disposal of one thing".

The government open day of Qingdao West Coast New Area Marine Development Bureau has built a bridge between the government and the masses. Representatives of the public have said that through face-to-face exchanges, "zero distance" contacts have enhanced mutual understanding and trust. We have effectively promoted the construction of a sunshine, open, rule of law and service-oriented government, protected the people's right to know, to express, to participate and to supervise, and to force the government to make its decision-making, service and management results public, so as to improve the level of government affairs disclosure.