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The scientific research ship is coming, and "marine geology No.7" is delivered

Pubdate:2020-12-21 16:55 Source:Dazhong Daily Click:

On December 19, the "marine geology No.7" scientific research ship of Qingdao Institute of marine geology, China Geological Survey, Ministry of natural resources, was put into use in Weihai, and the research ship has officially joined the research fleet of China Geological Survey. (reporter Lu Peng, reporter of Dazhong daily and Zhang Jingang, correspondent)

It is understood that the "marine geology No. 7" scientific research expedition is 57 meters long, 8.8 meters wide, and the maximum speed is 16.5 nautical miles. The research ship can carry out multi beam sounding, gravity, magnetic, single channel seismic, shallow profile, side scan sonar, geological sampling and other marine surveys. It is mainly responsible for the National Offshore basic geology and coastal environmental geology survey.