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To Build a Famous Exhibition City, Qingdao Will Hold 90 Major

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According to the press of the Information Office of Qingdao Municipal Government, that Qingdao will hold 90 major conferences, exhibitions, carnivals, etc., to take advantage of the "Summit”. Strengthen the leading projects, integrate exhibition and industry, expand exhibition scale, and further accelerate the pace of building a famous international exhibition city in Northeast Asia.

Eight New Exhibitions

This year, Qingdao will newly host or organize 8 high standard, international and significant events. Asia-Europe Innovation and Development Forum is a high-level thematic forum within the framework of Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). The ASEM, which currently has 53 member countries, is an important platform for promoting dialogue and cooperation in Asia-Europe countries.

More Marine Exhibitions

Relying on the unique marine industries, Qingdao has developed to be one of the most important marine exhibition center cities in China. More than 20 marine events are held each year in Qingdao, including China Fisheries & Seafood Expo which is one of the world's three major fisheries exhibition, East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum which is an important platform to undertake the East Asia marine development strategy and integrate into the “Belt and Road” initiative, and Qingdao International Sailing Week & Ocean Festival which plays an important role in promoting Qingdao as a "Sailing City".

Besides, some other marine exhibitions also already have a certain scale and impact, such as Qingdao International Ocean Science and Technology Exhibition, Qingdao International Water Conference, etc. In 2019, these traditional marine exhibitions will further highlight their characteristics and enhance brands, with new exhibitions settle in Qingdao including World Marine Science and Technology Conference.

The mutual promotion and integrated development of marine exhibition and industry will play a unique role in advancing the city's "marine strategies" and building an international famous marine city.

Issues in Focus

According to the Qingdao Municipal Government Work Report which states that Qingdao should bring in and cultivate well-known exhibitions and enlarge convention and exhibition industry scales, Qingdao will focus on strengthening event brands, bringing in exhibitions and conferences and creating operating environments, fully take advantage of the platform role of the exhibitions and contribute to its high-level opening up.

Strengthen Convention and Exhibition Brand

Qingdao will co-ordinate resources and all parties, focus on 90 major events, expand the influence and efficiency of newly established and undertaken high-end events, improve the quality and efficiency and highlight the characteristics of traditional major events, to create more brand events.

Bring In More Exhibitions and Conferences

To bring in targeted exhibitions and conferences, Qingdao sets up professional teams and make specific plans, visits and contacts the top 3 domestic exhibition organizers in different industries and the top 30 global exhibition groups. Relying on the excellent exhibitions, taking advantage of high-quality resources of domestic and foreign institutions and well-known exhibition enterprises, Qingdao will realize the promotion and reconstruction of local exhibition industry.

Create a Good Environment

Fully making use of the comprehensive guidance and coordination role of the Leading Group for the Development of Qingdao Convention and Exhibition Industry, advancing in serving major exhibition projects; implementing the Opinions on Supporting the Development of the Exhibition and Convention Industry, strengthening support on outstanding exhibition enterprises and high-quality exhibition projects; improving venue facilities and related service and promoting industry self-discipline. Qingdao will strive to successfully hold World MICE Day, etc., bring in high-quality exhibitions and expand the impact of Qingdao as an exhibition city.