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Song Jibao, Director-General of Shandong Provincial Oceanic A

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On July 4, 2019 (Thursday), Song Jibao, Director-Genera of Shandong Provincial Oceanic Administration and his entourages investigate the preparations for 2019 EAMCP Qingdao Forum at West Coast New Area, accompanied by Sun Yuntan, deputy director of Qingdao Municipal Marine Development Bureau, and Shao Rui, deputy head of Huangdao District; visited the China Railway World Expo City, focusing on the multi-function hall on the second floor and the grand banquet hall on the third floor. After the visit, he listened to the report on the construction of the EAMCP and the preparations for the 2019 forum.

Shao Rui, Deputy Head of Huangdao District said that the 2019 forum is themed with “Cross Oceans, Connect Nations”, adopts a “Forum + Exhibition” mode, consisting of seven major events, namely “One main forum, five sub-forums and one exhibition”, highlight four goals including "internationalization, specialization, achievement, and branding". The forum focuses on international cooperation in the fields of marine economy, science and technology, civilization, environmental protection and disaster prevention and mitigation. Guests will carry on a series of practical exchanges through various activities. The forum takes various factors into consideration and achieves new breakthroughs in program planning, guest invitation, exhibition upgrades, etc. In particular, the first East Asia Marine Expo has greatly enhanced the platform.

Director-Genera Song Jibao fully affirmed the preparatory work of the forum and requested Qingdao Municipal Marine Development Bureau and Qingdao West Coast New Area to cooperate closely and carry out all work in a solid and effective way. At the same time, the Provincial Oceanic Administration will fully support the preparation and holding of this forum and the East Asia Marine Expo.