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12 Projects Awarded! Qingdao was the Big Winner of the 2018

Pubdate:2020-06-02 17:38 Source:Reporter Wang Ping, Daily Qing Click:

Qingdao became hte big winner of the 2018 Marine Science and Technology Award.

Occupy nearly 30% of the national awarded projects, including 4 first prize projects.

On June 27, the 2018 Marine Science and Technology Award was officially announced. A total of 10 first prize projects, 28 second prize projects, and 17 awarded 2018 Excellent Marine Scientific and Technological Books including Ontogenetic Patterns of Hypotrich Ciliates. Marine colleges and universities of Qingdao became the biggest winner, with 12 projects awarded, including 4 first prize projects.

The 4 first prize projects almost occupied half of the country. Among them, 2 from the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, namely "Life History of Large-scale Disaster-causing Jellyfish and Its Disaster Occurrence Mechanism in Huangdonghai" and "New Coating Anti-corrosion and Repair Technology of the Steel Structure of Zhanjiang Port". The other two were "The Establishment and Scientific Application of Deep Diving Detection Technology System of the Jiaolong" undertaken by the National Deep Sea Center, and "Research on the National Marine Innovation Index" undertaken by the First Institute of Oceanography, MNR.

Five second prize projects from Ocean University of China including "Research on Key Technologies of High-value Marine Brown Alga Polysaccharides and Innovative Drugs", "Maternal Immunity in Fish", "Key Technologies for Green Comprehensive Utilization and High-value Product Development of Marine Biological Polysaccharide Resources", "Key Technologies and Applications of Enhanced Reduction of Typical Pollutants in Coastal Wetlands" and "Research on the Biologically Enhanced Attenuation and Interface Effects of Offshore Oil Pollution". Two second prize projects from Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences are "Research on Systematic Analysis and Application of Shrimp Immune Defense System" and "Marine Biofouling Corrosion Protection Mechanism on Bonic Super Slip Surface" And one second prize project from Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences is "Establishment of Grouper Genebank and Industrial Application of Cross Breeding Technology".

In addition, books independently written or participated by marine scientists Tang Qisheng, Song Weibo, Yu Zhigang and others from Qingdao were awarded the 2018 Excellent Marine Scientific and Technological Books.