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Encouraging!Thousands of people sing I Love This Blue Land t

Pubdate:2020-06-02 17:28 Source: Public Network: : Sunjie, Che Click:

"I love my blue land, thousand miles of land across......" On the afternoon of July 15, a activity themed I Love This Blue Land was held in the square of Orizaba Seashore National Forest Park .Beautiful songs and thousands of people waving national flags make the atmosphere of the scene heighten immediately.

The summer coast in Rizhao is blue and clear. The warm sunshine was spreading, with tourist strolled on the beach, surfed in the shallow water, sat on the beach and looked at the distance, and played the volleyball together.Suddenly, a wonderful piano melody came and attracted the attention of all. People stopped and look for the direction of music. In a square near the beach, many groups coming from different positions and industries were sang the song of I Love This Blue Land together. They were waving the national flags and singing the same song.The atmosphere was further heightened by their enthusiasm.

“ Love my blue land, open up and walk into bright future, one belt and one road, connect to the world.” The song, matching with the seaside and performance, makes people understand the lyrics of this song better.

With this song ending,another done begun. One of the lyrics of this song is "the sea, the sea, is where I live and what I love". The familiar melody and the familiar ocean once again quickly shortened the distance between people and the sea.

The reporter learned that the song "I Love This Blue Land" is the theme song of the network theme activity ---"I Love This Blue Land". It was composed by Du Qingsen and Wu Kewei.Du Qingsen is the deputy director of the Publicity Department of Rizhao Municipal Party committee and director of the network information office of Rizhao Municipal Party committee.Wu Kewei is the secretary general of Shandong Musicians Association and a famous young composer. The song was originally sung by Haotian who is the vice chairman of Shandong Musicians Association and singer Cao Fujia.