• Gao Congjie Gao Congjie

    AcademicianofChineseAcademyofEngineering; Professor at Ocean University of China Honorary Chairman of Seawater Desalination and Water Reuse Branch, Chinese Society for Oceanography ; Honorary Chairman at Zhejiang Desalination Association

  • Lei Jilin Lei Jilin

    AcademicianofChineseAcademyofEngineering; Researcher at Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences; PhDsupervisor

  • Wu Lixin Wu Lixin

    Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences;Vice President at Ocean University of China

  • Jiao Nianzhi Jiao Nianzhi

    Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Professor at Xiamen University; PhDsupervisor

  • Zhou Shouwei Zhou Shouwei

    AcademicianofChineseAcademyofEngineering; Expert at OffshoreOilDevelopment

  • Zheng Guibin Zheng Guibin

    Vice-dean at Shandong Academy of Social Sciences;Researcher and vice-chairmen member at advisory committee of BlueEconomicZoneofShandongPeninsula