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High-Precision & Cutting-edge Marine Equipment Will Show up on 2019 East Asia Marine Expo

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From September 4th to 8th, 2019 East Asia Marine Expo will be held at Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition. Shandong Kerui, Sany Heavy Industry, Xiamen XGMA Machinery and other well-known leading enterprises will appear on the exhibition to showcase high-precision and cutting-edge offshore engineering equipment technology and products. It is reported that 2019 East Asia Marine Expo is themed with "Towards Greater Openness and Connectivity-Blue Ocean and Technology", and sets up exhibition areas, including marine equipment exhibition area, intelligent manufacturing exhibition area, international marine exhibition area, Qingdao marine technology exhibition area, port and shipping exhibition area, financial and trading exhibition area, and domestic and foreign commodity exhibition area. Shandong Kerui, Sany Heavy Industry, Xiamen XGMA Machinery, Jiaodian General Aviation, Huarui Haidian, etc., will appear at the marine equipment exhibition area. Mainly exhibit offshore oil and gas drilling equipment, mudline wellhead equipment, MW-I integrated wellhead equipment, intelligent loaders, desalination equipment, wave power generation equipment, etc.

Kerui Petroleum: Helping Enterprises Achieve Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement

Kerui Petroleum is an international comprehensive group that integrates high-quality resources and innovative services in equipment, technology, talents, finance, and assets in global oil and gas industry. It is committed to promoting the efficiency of oil and gas exploration and production, business covers high-end smart oil and gas equipment R & D and manufacturing, oil and gas engineering and oilfield integration services, Industry + Internet platform services, industry training and human resources services, etc.

Kerui offshore engineering services focus on offshore drilling services, offshore workover services and offshore manpower services. According to the offshore oil service project environment and customer needs, it will customize digital Kerui petroleum equipment and provide offshore oil and gas engineering solutions. On this expo, Kerui will bring its MSW-1 Shallow Water Mudline Suspension Wellhead System, MW-I integrated wellhead, single-barrel three-well wellhead (MMW-1) and other drilling equipment.

MW-I integral wellhead and MSW-1 Shallow Water Mudline Suspension Wellhead System are independently developed by Kerui Petroleum.

MW-1 has superior cost performance in offshore oil and gas exploration and development. Compared with conventional wellheads, its height is reduced by about 30%, installation time for a single well saves 12 to 30 hours, which can effectively help customers achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. MSW-1 is able to complete drilling operations at a depth of about 150 meters and could be connected to the platform for well completion, could seal and suspend all layers of casing at the mudline to achieve pressure control and pressure dredging during underwater drilling, and can replace deepwater wellheads in shallow water exploration, thereby reducing costs by 10%-20%.

Sany Heavy Industry: Promote the Upgrading of Global Port Logistics

Sany Group is an equipment manufacturing company with the theme of "Engineering", with a series of leading products including concrete machinery, excavation machinery, crane machinery, road construction machinery, pile driving machinery, wind power equipment, port machinery, petroleum equipment, coal equipment, precision machine tools,etc. Among them, excavating machinery, pile driving machinery, crawler crane machinery, mobile port machinery, road machinery, coal tunneling machinery are mainstream brands in China; and concrete machinery is an brand in the world.

In 2015, Sany Marine Heavy Industry Zhuhai Industrial Park was officially put into production. Since then, Sany has accelerated its entry into engineering ships and marine engineering equipment, actively exploring the construction of intelligent terminals, and promoting the upgrading of global port and terminal logistics. Marine engineering equipment has become a new development trend of Sany.

In the field of port machinery, Sany's key products include reach stacker, empty container handler, forklift truck, Rubber Tyre Container Gantry Cranes, material handler, pure electric port tractors, overhead cranes, Portal Slewing Crane, Rail-Mounted Container Gantry Cranes, Ship-To-Shore Container Cranes, etc.

Xiamen XGMA Machinery: Technological Innovation Builds Competitive Strength

Xiamen XGMA Machinery was founded in 1951. In December 1993, it was restructured from Xiamen Engineering Machinery Factory to a listed company. XGMG has R&D and production bases in Xiamen, Sanming, Jiaozuo, etc. It is a large-scale first-class enterprise that focuses on the production of loaders, excavators, forklifts, road machinery, small machinery, environmental machinery, tunneling machinery, etc., is one of the large construction machinery manufacturing bases in China

On 2019 East Asia Marine Expo, XGMA will present its smart loader--XG958i, which is one of the breakthrough achievements of XGMA committed to the innovation and development of core technology. It integrates the leading aero-hydraulic technology of AVIC Xi'an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute; adopts XGJE, the jointly developed intelligent internet control system, all systems of the machine realize electrically controlled, and available for digitization, informatization and intellectualization. It not only realize the remote and intelligent operation of the entire machine, but also integrates various new technologies to simplify the operation; and the fuel performance is greatly improved, ensure the machine to be reliable, durable and able to complete field operations efficiently when the drivers have to personally participate in the rescue and disaster-relief.

XG958i is one of a series of intelligent equipment successfully developed by XGMA in recent years. It not only meets the needs of daily work, but also widely applies in the harsh working conditions threatening the health of operators, as well as the modern requirements of the emergency rescue of the armed police, fire control, transportation and other departments. Through intelligent machinery, it carries out efficient intelligent group operations, and creates a complete system solution.

East Asia Marine Expo is an important segment of the East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Qingdao Forum, and an important measure for Qingdao’s economic strategy to promote the development of marine cooperation in East Asian countries. From September 4th to 8th, industry colleagues are welcome to visit the exhibition and witness the world's top marine equipment technology.