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Welcome to Visit 2019 East Asia Marine Expo and Join the Blue Science and Technology Feast!

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2019 East Asia Marine Expo was held at Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition on September 4 with a lively and exciting atmosphere. Compared with last year, highlights are more impressive. Buyers, exhibitors and industry visitors enjoyed the charm of this blue science and technology feast while.

Ding Yu, general manager of Qingdao Huangfa Cultural Development Co., Ltd., which is one of the organizer of the expo, said that 2019 East Asia Marine Expo covered an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters with 7 exhibition areas; showed distinguishing features of large scale, strong professionalism, and many well-known exhibitors. Through market-oriented operation, they aim to build the expo to a high-end professional exhibition in domestic marine industry.

Guests, professional visitor, exhibitors gathered.

Huge popularity and many wonderful moments.

Large-size equipment showed in the venue.

Dong Xudan, sales manager of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (Shandong Branch), said: “It is a great promotion platform. We showcase our high-tech products in marine engineering, and hope to find partners in Qingdao and the whole country.”

Industry Leading Companies like Huawei and Jingdong are here.

Industry leading companies like Huawei and Jingdong are among the exhibitor. Huawei 5G demonstration vehicles are showed at the venue for visitors to feel the technology and intelligence personally. With the core development strategy of "Experience based, Efficiency wins",

Jingdong Logistics is working with social circles to build a global intelligent supply chain base network.

An on-site representative of Huawei said:“With higher-definition videos, higher-speed networks and more powerful intelligence, 5G will play an important role in marine field. It brings changes in the industry. For example, the production model of traditional marine pastures can be changed to replace traditional monitoring and control measures via HD video transmission. Offshore pillage system can be transmitted in 5G and replace human labour, and be more accurate and intelligent. "

Various International Goods

The domestic and foreign goods exhibition are is full of visitors. Here mainly display and sell goods from ASEAN, China Japan and South Korea (10+3), and countries along the Belt and Road. In particular, Russian Export Center brings 14 local companies, showing Beluga Vodka, Russian chocolate, Russian Dolls, dried fruit and other special goods.

Elena, chief representative of Russian Export Center, said: “This is my first time to the East Asia Marine Expo. I am so impressed with this high-level expo which strengthened our confidence in the promotion. Through this expo, we hope Russian companies could enter the Qingdao market, and China market.”

Gifft·Isaiah·Gamble, Cultural Representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe in China, said: “This is my second time to the expo. This year, it has a larger scale and more visitors. I like China, like Qingdao. Stone and wood arts we brought from Zimbabwe are well welcomed here.”

Hand in Hand with Science and Technology

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