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A Blue Technology Feast with High-Precision & Cutting-edge Exhibits

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A Batch of Heavy Marine Equipment

A Group of High-Precision & Cutting-edge "Superstar" Exhibits

Gathering at the 2019 East Asia Marine Expo

Staging an Unparalleled Blue Marine Technology Feast!

At the expo

You could know about marine scientific research,

marine intelligent manufacturing, marine economy, marine equipment, etc.

Lots of advanced equipment are showed at

the marine professional exhibition area with a total area of 30,000 square meters

Wandering among these sophisticated exhibits

Closely feel the charm of technology

A great opportunity to broaden horizons.

"Some citizens visited the expo said that although they live in a coastal city, it is difficult to have such an opportunity to visit and know about so many scientific and technological equipment in the marine field at once. They can really feel the overall development of the national marine from this event."

The expo is highly professional with high level participating companies.

At the marine industry professional exhibition covering 6 areas,

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, CSIC, Mercedes-Benz, BMW,

Huawei,, Qingdao Port, BGI, etc., are gathered.

More than 60 Fortune Global 500 companies and industry leading enterprises showed up.

Focus on cutting-edge technology,

exhibit in offshore drilling equipment, loaders, 5G demonstration vehicles,

intelligent production command system for automated wharf,

UAVs, unmanned vehicles, etc.

Helicopters, wharf reach stackers directly drove into the venue


See these


The 2019 East Asia Marine Expo

Attracted many professionals in the field of marine technology

And the presence of fans of highly sophisticated technologies