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East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Headquarter (Qingdao West Coast New Area) Industries

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Policies on Introduction of Headquarters-type Enterprises

In order to speed up the economy development, gather and expand new kinetic energy, and plays exemplary role of the New Area, policies on accelerating the introduction of headquarters-type enterprises are as follows:

I.Headquarters-type Enterprises

Headquarters-type enterprises refer to the corporate headquarters or functional headquarters registered in Qingdao West Coast New Area, with independent legal entity, unified accounting and tax payment in the New Area. Mainly including the following types:

(I)Regional headquarter of transnational corporation or international organization (institution);

(II)Large Corporation (Group) and regional headquarter managed by the state and central government department;

(III)Listed Company (Excluding The New Third Board);

(IV)Core operating institutions established by large domestic and foreign Corporation (Group) in the New Area, including management centers, R&D centers, settlement centers, financial operation centers, investment centers, logistic centers, marketing centers or other supportive shared service functions;

(V)Enterprises listed on the “Fortune Global 500”, “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises”, “Top 100 Chinese Private Enterprises”, Top 100 Chinese Chain Enterprises in previous year; headquarters and core operating organizations of other industry leading enterprises; (VI)Corporation (Groups) that have set up companies in the New Area and plan to move their regional or functional headquarters in.

II.Industry Orientation

Based on kinetic energy conversion and industrial transformation and upgrading, develop enterprise headquarters in the fields of shipbuilding, marine engineering, automobile, high-end equipment, biomedicine, new materials, information technology, high-tech agriculture, etc., and attract a number of R&D headquarters (enterprises or institutes). Based on the strengthen of port functions, develop shipping services enterprise headquarters in port and aviation logistics, shipping finance, port trade, etc. Based on the enhancement of urban functions, vigorously develop the headquarters of modern service industry focusing on trade and tourism, financial and exhibition, intermediary services, cultural creative design, etc. Based on the integration of military and civilian development, bring in a group of military-related companies and R&D institutions. Based on industrial town construction, attracting a group of fund, culture, health and other industrial headquarters.

III.Layout and Planning

With the goal of forming a headquarters gathering zone, the overall functional layout is focused on 2+N . "2" refers to Fenghekou Vitality Economic Centre and Tangdaowan Real Economic Headquarters Centre. “N” refers to seven headquarters economic function zone of Dongjiakou, Lingshanwan, Sino-German Ecopark, Guzhenkou, Qingdaoxi Railway Station, Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone, Qingdao Light-horse Mountain International Villa Tourism District, etc.

——Fenghekou Vitality Economic Centre: Centered with both sides of the Fenghekou, plan and construct a number of high-end features complex, form a CBD landmark in New Area. Focus of the layout of business, science and technology, finance, exhibition and others. ——Tangdaowan Real Economic Headquarters Centre: Centered with Tangtaowan North Shore, with existing buildings, focus on the layout of shipping services, trade and tourism, high-end manufacturing, information technology and others.

——Dongjiakou Zone: Based on Poli town, build a storage and transportation center for bulk commodities and energy materials, focus on layout of projects in shipping logistics, port trade, energy storage and transportation, new materials, etc.

——Lingshanwan Zone: Enhance the overall function of the Lingshanwan Area, focus on film and television culture, big data, science and technology trade, sports, etc.

——Sino-German Ecopark: Strengthen international cooperation, focus on genome and life health, new energy, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, etc.

——Guzhenkou Zone: Plan and construct a military-civilian integration industrial park, focus on the layout of marine defense, dual use information technology, military-related and sea-related new materials, education technology services, etc.

——Qingdaoxi Railway Station Zone: Build an integrated transportation hub, focus on the development of business finance, logistics, trade, etc.

——Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone: Build an agricultural high-tech zone, focus on developing high-tech agriculture, agricultural products trading, etc.

——Qingdao Light-horse Mountain International Villa Tourism District: Focus on the development of tourism, medical care, etc.

IV. Support Policies

For newly registered headquarters-type enterprises in the New Area, except enjoying the Qingdao municipal financial subsidy (reward) according to the “Policies and Measures on Precise Investment for Modern Industry in Qingdao ”, also will enjoy the following subsidies and incentives provided by the New Area.

(I) Landing Subsidy

1. As to the newly headquarters-type enterprises registered in the New Area, with paid-in registered capital of 0.1-1 billion yuan (exclude), 1-2 billion yuan (exclude), 2 billion yuan and more, a subsidy of 10 million yuan, 20 million yuan, and 40 million yuan will be given respectively. And will in place within three years in accordance with the proportion of 30%, 30% and 40%.

2. For official recognized headquarters-type enterprise increasing capitals, 1% of the increased capital will be subsidized, with a maximum of 20 million yuan. And will in place within three years in accordance with the proportion of 30%, 30% and 40%.

3. To facilitate the promotion and brand building of headquarters-type enterprises, the geographical restrictions on the company name registration will be relaxed.

(2) Landuse and Office Settlement

1.Subsidies for the Construction of Headquarter Buildings. Newly introduced headquarters-type enterprises, separately or jointly build headquarter buildings at Fenghekou Vitality Economic Centre, could apply to the "Multi-uses in One" and functional hybrid model. Centralized or decentralized allocation of a certain percentage of staff apartments, while free office could be provided at the Tangdaowan Real Economy Headquarters Center during the turnover period.

Newly introduced headquarters-type enterprises and build headquarter buildings in other regions, will be subsidized at 20% of the land transaction price, up to 10 million yuan, and its proportion of self-held construction area should be higher than 60% of the total construction area

2.Subsidies for the Purchase of Office. For headquarters-type enterprises do not have offices in the New Area, within 3 years from the date of registration, for the purchase of premises for headquarters use (excluding ancillary facilities and ancillary premises), a one-time subsidy will be granted at a rate of 20% of the purchase price, up to 10 million yuan.

(III) Operation and Development

1.For the newly introduced headquarters-type enterprises, within three years from the first full year of registration, the district level local contributions (refers to VAT and local retention of enterprise income tax, not include the taxes formed by real estate development. The same below) will be rewarded.

2.Newly introduced headquarters-type enterprises may apply for a business contribution award every three years in the first 5-10 years from registration. The award is 50% of the district level local contributions formed in the former three years, up to a maximum of 10 million yuan.

3.For enterprises first time listed in "Fortune Global 500", "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", and "Top 100 Shandong Enterprises", will be awarded with 10 million yuan, 3 million yuan, 2 million yuan respectively. Enterprises with main business income first time exceeds 50 billion yuan, 10 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan, 3 billion yuan and 1 billion yuan, will be rewarded 1 million yuan, 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan respectively.

4.Newly introduced headquarters-type enterprises shall be given priority in key park development, government investment and construction, etc.

(IV) Executive and Talent

1. Newly introduced headquarters-type enterprises, within 5 years from the date of tax registration, the district-level local contributions formed by the personal income tax paid by its senior executives are given a 100% incentive. Will be allocated in the form of supporting funds, and the enterprise will cash it by itself.

2. With reference to the top talents and leading talents in policies of “International Marine Talent Hub” of New Area, senior executives of the newly introduced headquarters-type enterprises will enjoy relevant policies on house purchasing, and conveniences in areas like children's enrollment, employment and settlement of family members, medical security, etc. Those who are allocated staff apartments Fenghekou Vitality Economic Zone will no longer enjoy the favourable purchase house policy.

(V) Customs Conveniences

Huangdao Customs, Huangdao Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, and The People's Bank Of China (Huangdao Branch) will allocate a full-time coordinator for the headquarters-type enterprises in the New Area, provide convenient tracking services in customs clearance coordination, import and export trade, foreign exchange management, international settlement, etc. Carry out a new model of audit and release on the headquarters-type enterprises in the New Area. The bonded logistics center and distribution center established for headquarters-type enterprises could copy and take the suitable inspection and quarantine supervision policy of free trade zone, like line supervision, pre-inspection, registration and write-off, etc., so as to provide customs clearance convenience.

(VI) Social Treatment

To carry forward the spirit of outstanding entrepreneurship, cultivate outstanding headquarters entrepreneurs, and improve the incentive mechanism, every year, a series of rewards and incentives will be given to headquarters-type enterprises, as well as strengthen the publicity and reporting. Senior executives of headquarters-type enterprises enjoy the priority on inspection outside and training. Encourage senior executives of headquarters-type enterprises to serve as economic advisers in the New Area Management Committee or work part-time in organizations. They will also be invited to attend important meetings of the New Area.

(VII)Investment Recommendation

Establish an Investment Recommendation Award, a reward no more than 500,000 yuan will be given to referrals (excluding civil servants and institutional person in government organizations) that introduce major headquarters-type enterprises.

(VIII)For the introduction of a particularly huge headquarters-type enterprises, its relevant specific policies can be signed with the New Area Management Committee in a separate agreement.

V. Other Relevant Provisions

(I) Headquarters-type enterprises that enjoyed supporting policies need to continuously operate in the New Area for more than 10 years, with tax collected in the New Area.

(II) When the provisions of this policy are repeated with other industrial policies of the New Area, the headquarters-type enterprises can choose the favourable one.

(III) If the relevant headquarters policy is inconsistent with this policy, this policy shall prevail.

(IV) The final interpretation of this policy belongs to the New Area Management Committee. And the relevant departments designated by the New Area Management Committee are responsible for the interpretation.

(V) This policy will be implemented from November 1, 2017 and valid for four years.