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Qingdao West Coast New Area

Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Four Major Bases & Promote the High-quality

Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry

I.Guiding Ideology

Fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Central Economic Work Conference, conscientiously implement the five major development concepts, firmly grasp the development trend of industries, focus on supply-side structural reform, adhere to quality first and benefit first. Precisely adopt "One Industry One Policy", strengthen blue industries, upgrade traditional industries, cultivate emerging industries, promote the development of manufacturing industry with quality change, efficiency change and power change, improve total factor productivity, focus on building an industrial system with coordinated development of real economy, technological innovation, modern finance and human resources, creating an advanced manufacturing industry cluster with new district characteristics.

II.Main Objectives

In accordance with the idea of "cluster development, quality and efficiency improvement", focus on cultivating an advanced manufacturing system with “leading demonstration of marine manufacturing industry, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and developing of emerging industries", build four industrial bases of information technology, circular economy, intelligent manufacturing and marine manufacturing, promote the high-quality development of advanced manufacturing.

In terms of scale, highlight the development of clusters and form a “point, line, area” three-dimensional advanced manufacturing industry layout.

——Point, refers to leading projects and headquarters projects. By 2020, introduce and cultivate more than 10 industrial leading enterprises with an output value exceeding 10 billion yuan, 20 exceeding 5 billion yuan, and 80 exceeding 1 billion yuan, acieving a new breakthrough in the Shandong Top 100;

——Line, refers to the industrial chain, improve and reinforce the mid-to-high-end and key core links of the industrial chain. By 2020, the industrial concentration is expected to exceed 80%, with the local supporting companies for leading enterprises exceed 70%; -Area, refers to industrial clusters and bases, to create the "four bases" of advanced manufacturing in the new area, including information technology base with Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone as the main battlefield, circular economic base with Dongjiakou Economic Zone as the main battlefield, intelligent manufacturing base with International Economic Cooperation Zone (Sino-German Ecopark) as the main battlefield, and marine manufacturing base with Marine High-Tech Zone as the main battlefield.

In terms of quality, focus on improving quality and efficiency, and form a "high, new, refine" high-quality development situation.

——High, refers to the high-tech industry. By 2020, the number of high-tech enterprises will strive to exceed 800, with an output value of high-tech industries exceed 360 billion yuan, accounting for 45% of the above-scale industrial output. The value added of strategic emerging industries account for more than 13% of industrial added value;

——New, means innovation ability. By 2020, the number of recognized municipal and above level technological innovation platforms is expected to exceed 200, among which at least 15 are at the national level; and build 5 national industrial bases;

——Refine, refers to refined and integrated development. Every year, add more than 10 provincial and municipal brands and trademarks, newly cultivate more than 20 Internet Industry "555" projects or smart manufacturing pilot enterprises.

III.Industry Direction

Take the implementation of "One Industry One Policy" as the main line, focusing on targeted investment promotion and precise service, comprehensively implement the development direction of "Made in China 2025" key industries, promote ten industries in three major areas of marine manufacturing, high-end manufacturing and emerging manufacturing, build a modern advanced manufacturing industry cluster.

(I)Promote Marine Manufacturing Industry, Realize the Leading Demonstration Development of Blue Industry

Focus on the three blue industries of marine engineering equipment and high-tech vessels, desalination, and marine organisms, play a demonstration role in exploring the new path of scientific development of marine advanced manufacturing industry.

1.Marine Equipment and High-tech Vessels. Relying on the national shipbuilding and offshore engineering base in Haixiwan, adhering to the two wheel drive of shipbuilding (repairing) and offshore engineering, with CSIC, CNOOC, PetroChina and other "Chinese" leading enterprises as the core; exerting the leading science and technology role of the new zone's Ship and MarineEngineering Equipment Science and Technology Innovation Center, CSIC Marine Equipment Research Institute, CSIC China Ship Scientific Research Center, CSIC No.712 Institute, and Qingdao Ship Science and Technology Park of HEU, focusing on five fields including marine engineering equipment, high-tech vessels, marine supporting, marine civil and military dual-use products and technology, high-end service

industry of equipment manufacturing; forming the ability of long chain and deep supporting, mainly mastering the core technology of integrated, intelligent and modular design and manufacturing of supporting equipment; focusing on developing high-efficiency, low-emission, high-power, large-size and low-speed engine and crankshaft, ship intelligent monitoring system, electric propulsion system, super high speed ship, etc. By 2020, the output value of marine engineering equipment and high-tech vessel industry is expected to reach more than 50 billion yuan, so as to build a national high-end ship repair and construction industry base and a world-class marine engineering equipment base.

2.Desalination. Vigorously promote the desalination industry chain based on projects such as Origin Water Desalination; and develop the desalination equipment manufacturing industry based on key enterprises such as TRITECH Mmembrane, CRRC Huaxuan Water, etc.

Increase domestic and foreign directional investment in membrane assembly, high-pressure pumps, booster pumps, energy recovery devices, etc., promote technological innovation and industrial development. By 2020, we will strive to achieve an output value of 10 billion yuan and a desalination production capacity of 240,000 tons / day in the New Area, so as to build a national leading desalination industrial base.

3.Marine Organism. Build a cluster development park integrating marine functional food ingredients, marine drugs, marine products deep processing, marine cosmetics and high-value utilization of seaweed wastes, relying on national key laboratories such as the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao Marine Biotechnology Research Institute and the State Key Laboratory of Bioactive Seaweed Substances, and taking leading enterprises such as Bright Moon Seaweed, Gather Great Ocean , Kehai Biochemistry, and Eastsea Pharma as the main body. Strengthen the research on marine genomics, build "Three Libraries Two Platforms" China National MarineGenebank based on Huada gene North Center, accelerate the R & D and application of technologies such as gene sequencing, cell scale cultivate, etc. Aiming at the top 500 enterprises and industry leaders at home and abroad, focusing on key industries such as marine drugs, medical materials and marine biological products, strengthen directional investment and industrial chain investment attraction, and constantly expand the industrial scale. By 2020, it is expected to achieve an output value of 20 billion yuan of marine biological industry and build a national marine biological industry base.

(II)Focus on Advantageous Manufacturing Industry, Realize High-end Development of Traditional Industries

Based on the stock reform, accelerate the upgrading of equipment technology and intelligent manufacturing, by introducing new technology, new management and new mode, focus on improving traditional industries such as home appliances, mechanical equipment and automobile manufacturing, transfer to advantageous industries such as network home appliances, intelligent equipment, new energy vehicles, etc., to build an industry cluster with international competitiveness and leading position in domestic industry.

4.Network Appliances. Relying on the advantages of home appliances and electronic industry cluster, actively complying with the development trend of international network home appliances, using digital technology, network technology and intelligent control technology to design and improve new home appliances. Relying on Haier, Hisense, Aucma and other advantageous enterprises, promote intelligent, green and health development of home appliance manufacturing, and realize the leap forward innovation from traditional home appliances to intelligent home appliances, from passive intelligence to intelligent ecology. According to the development requirements of smart home, produce smart information home appliances with intelligent control, information feedback, Internet interaction and other functions. Develop smart home terminal products, support the overall solution of mass customization of smart manufacturing that integrates hardware and software, virtual and real, promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain. Relying on Qingdao Siemens Innovation Center, Haier Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, etc., build an internet digital factory collaborative innovation platform, promote new manufacturing models such as Haier home appliance Cloud Of Smart Manufacturing Operation Plat, Siemens MindSphere Industrial cloud platform, etc., demonstrate the development of industrial manufacturing and productive service industry in the "four new" direction. By 2020, the household appliances industry is looking forward to achieve an output value of 120 billion yuan, become the core support of Qingdao household appliances industry, and build a global network household appliances R & D and intelligent manufacturing base.

5.Intelligent Equipment. Focusing on new products and technologies, aiming at technology independence, manufacturing intelligence, equipment integration, product branding and industrial clustering, enhance the capabilities of R & D innovation, core component production, product integration and collaborative support, and promote the transformation of modern traditional machinery to service-oriented manufacturing. With Qingdao Tianhe Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Research Institute, Light-duty Gas Turbine Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dadong Tech, HICORP Group, Lovol and other key institutes and enterprises as the main body, it focuses on the development of high-end CNC machine tools, advanced molding equipment and group processing

production lines, intelligent textile complete machinery, intelligent printing machinery, intelligent tire complete equipment and control system, large-scale intelligent engineering machinery, high-tech efficient intelligent agricultural machinery, assembly building production equipment, etc.; led by STUAA Automation, develop industrial robots such as handling, assembly, welding, etc., fill in the vacancy of key parts such as special high-precision reducer, controller, servo driver, sensor, etc., accelerate the introduction and construction of Robot Industrial Park integrated with R & D platform, scientific and technological achievements transformation, and industrialization base. By 2020, the output value of mechanical equipment manufacturing industry will exceed 100 billion yuan, and a well-known domestic specialized intelligent equipment manufacturing base will be ready.

6.New Energy Vehicles. Accelerate utilization transformation and capacity improvement of SGMW, continuously improve the technical content, added value and local supporting rate of vehicle products. Support the improvement of production capacity of SAIC new energy vehicles, promote the implementation of the new energy motor project of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd., and support the development of Lishen new energy battery project and others. Accelerate the introduction of new energy motors, advanced transmissions, lightweight materials and other production projects, improve the new energy vehicle industry chain, introduce high-end R&D and design institutions, and improve the ability to transform the achievements of production-education-research. Support SGMW in building a new energy vehicle industry ecology in the New Area and cultivate new economic growth points. By 2020, the output value of automobiles and parts will reach 50 billion yuan, and a significant domestic new energy vehicles base will be built.

(III)Cultivate and Support Emerging Manufacturing Industry to Realize the Rise and Development of Emerging Industries

Spare no effort to cultivate and support the emerging manufacturing industry with a certain industrial foundation and project reserve conditions and in line with the industrial development direction of Qingdao. Focus on the development of four major industries, including integrated circuits, new materials, instrumentation, and high-end medical devices, so as to promote the large-scale, specialization and cluster development of high-end emerging industries, and cultivate new power for industrial development in the New Area.

7.Integrated Circuits. Based on the requirements of industrial development in the New Area, take advantages of the applications of home appliances and electronics, mechanical equipment, automobile manufacturing, marine engineering and other systems (complete machine) in market, and oriented to the application fields of smart home appliances, IoT, information and communication equipment, new display, artificial intelligence and other emerging industries. With ASIC design as the starting point and breakthrough, with smart home appliances, automotive electronic chips, industrial control chips, and MEMS sensors as the main directions, an Integrated Circuit Industrial Park is planned in the International Economic Cooperation Zone (Sino-German Ecopark), to build a high-end cluster of integrated circuit design, manufacturing, packaging and testing. Strive to introduce and cultivate more than 10 integrated circuit enterprises by 2020, with the main business income exceed 10 billion yuan.

8.New Materials. Relying on the projects of Ecombine rubber new materials, DOUBLESTAR tire intelligent production demonstration base, DOUBLESTAR graphene tire center laboratory, etc., vigorously develop new materials such as polymer materials, organic chemical intermediates, special rubber, etc. Relying on the CAS Institute of Oceanology and Qingdao Ship Science and Technology Park of HEU to promote the development and industrialization of multi-functional protective materials, deep-sea buoyancy materials, pressure, temperature and corrosion resistant structural materials, anti-corrosion coatings for marine steel structures, etc. Relying on Lanketu New Energy Battery Diaphragm Poject and Zhongkehualian Wet-process Lithium Battery Separator Equipment Manufacturing Base, develop lithium battery separator materials and build a leading membrane production base in China. Promote the industrialization of non-ferrous metals, introduce Titanium Industry Research Institute and new pilot production line construction project, and promote the application of titanium in related industries. Support the research and development of aluminum ion battery and energy storage system of Shandong University of Science and Technology, and promote the industrialization of aluminum ion battery. Actively follow strategic frontier materials such as superconducting materials, nano materials, graphene, photothermal materials, and strive to be the first to introduce in and realize industrial application. By 2020, the output value of new material industry is expected to reach 20 billion yuan.

9.Instrumentation. Based on Qingdao Instrumentation Industry Technology Research Institute, focusing on technologies of electronic test instrument, navigation test and simulation, communication test and simulation, high-end manufacturing application automatic test system service and others, to carry out R& D of key common technologies in instrumentation, and establish a long-term R & D innovation mechanism, industry university research cooperation mechanism and scientific research achievements transformation mechanism. Actively connect with well-known domestic listed companies, carry out targeted investment promotion, introduce key technologies and core projects, and drive the development of industrial agglomeration. Strive to achieve an output value of 5 billion yuan by 2020.

10.High-end Medical Devices. Expand the market share of leading enterprises' competitive products, occupy high-end and professional markets with medical refrigerator of Haier Biomedical and ultralow temperature vaccine storage equipment of AUCMA. Actively develop blue marine biomedical equipment and accelerate the construction of industrial R & D incubation platform for healthcare towns.

Actively introduce digital imaging equipment, clinical laboratory equipment, advanced treatment equipment, interventional devices and materials, health monitoring equipment and other national support projects, to improve the innovation and industrialization of medical devices. By 2020, strive to achieve an output value of 3 billion yuan.

IV.Space Layout

Build an information technology base, with Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone as the main battlefield; based on the demonstration pilot of National Intelligent Industrial Park, Haier International Information Valley,

Qingdao Tianhe Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Research Institute and Qingdao Instrumentation Industry Technology Research Institute; focus on new generation information technology, co-work to promote big data, IoT, high-end electronics, software, etc.; put priority on the development of advanced manufacturing industries such as smart appliances of the Haier kitchen, Hisense Information Industrial Park, Aucma Smart Cold Chain, and the instrumentation industry represented by CETC; and develop new Energy vehicle industry relying on SGMW and SAIC clean energy buses.

Build a circular economy base, with Dongjiakou Economic Zone as the main battlefield, and build a national-level circular economy demonstration zone, focusing on the development of organic chemical and new material industries led by Haiwan Chemical, Double Star Tire, Ecombine New Materials, and steel deep-processing industry led by Qingdao Steel; with prior developing advanced port-based manufacturing industries such as desalination and marine engineering.

Build an intelligent manufacturing base mainly based on the International Economic Cooperation Zone (Sino-German Ecopark), with participation of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone. Focuse on developing intelligent and high-end equipment manufacturing industries relying on Haier Industry 4.0, Haier Intelligent Research Institute and Qingdao Siemens Innovation Center. Develop marine biological industry base on BGI "Three Libraries Two Platforms". Plan the integrated circuit industrial park, develop automotive chips, industrial control chips, etc. Accelerate the construction of Lishen Power Battery, Lanketu Battery Separator and other projects, and actively develop the new energy and new materials industry.

Build a marine manufacturing base, mainly based on marine high-tech zone, and with participation of Guzhenkou demonstration zone. Build a national marine bio-industry base, rely on Qingdao Vitality Economic Centre and "One District Two Parks" of Marine Equipment and Marine Bio-industrial Parks, and vigorously support the development of Bright Moon Seaweed, Gather Great Ocean , Kehai Biochemistry, etc.

Develop the military-industrial integration industries such as the HEU Ultra-High-Speed Trimaran, deep-water explorer, etc., introduce and develop high-tech industries such as marine equipment & devices, marine biomedicine, marine new materials, etc.


(I) Introduce and Cultivate Leading Enterprises

1.Strengthen Land Security. Further improve the land supply management model, the "Multi-regulations in One" and "Multi-uses in One" mechanisms; give priority protection to those newly identified key industrial projects and existing stock companies that need to apply for land due to expansion. Further revitalize idle land and plant resources, in the annual area-wide land use plan, the proportion of industrial land supply should reach 40%, of which, the proportion of industrial land supply in the functional areas where the "four bases" are located should not be less than 50%.

2.Encourage the Introduction of Leading Manufacturing Enterprises. (1) Foreign-invested projects. Within two years from the date of company registered, according to the accumulated foreign exchange remittances received, US$10 million (including, the same below) to US$30 million (excluding, the same below) (only for projects of Fortune Global 500), US$30 million to US$50 million, US$50 million to US$100 million, US$10 million and more; rewards of 2 million yuan, 5 million yuan, 8 million yuan, and 10 million yuan will be given respectively. Projects get investment of Fortune Global 500 in the past three years will be executed 1.5 times the above award standard. Foreign capital increase projects will be executed at 0.5 times. (2) Domestic-Funded Projects. Within three years from the date of company registered, accumulated domestic investment realized (only for land, building and equipment investment, the same below) 100 million to 200 million yuan (only for projects belong to centrally-owned companies, Top 500 Chinese Companies, and Top 100 Private Companies), 200 million yuan-500 million yuan, 500 million yuan-1 billion yuan, 1 billion yuan and more, after projects officially put into operation and paid value-added-tax, rewards of 2 million yuan, 5 million yuan, 8 million yuan, and 10 million yuan will be given respectively. Strategic emerging industry projects invested by centrally-owned enterprises (including subsidiaries and holding companies), listed Top 500 Chinese Companies or Top 100 Private Companies in the past three years, shall be implemented at 1.2 times the above award standards.

3.Star Enterprise Cultivation Project. According to the idea of "unlicensed, licensed, famous brand" and "domestic, provincial, national", cultivate a group of industry leading companies to form "Langya List" industrial brand star enterprise development echelon. For manufacturing enterprises first time listed in "Fortune Global 500", "Top 500 Chinese Companies", "Top 500 Chinese Private Companies", and "Top 100 Shandong Companies", award of 10 million yuan, 3 million yuan, 2 million yuan, and 1 million yuan will be given respectively. For manufacturing companies with annual revenue first time exceeds 50 billion yuan, 10 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan, and 3 billion yuan, awards of 1 million yuan, 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan, and 200,000 yuan will be given respectively.

(II) Encourage and Support Transformation and Upgrading

4.Encourage Companies in Technological Transformation. For technological transformation projects that meet the manufacturing development plan of the New Area, after the project is completed and put into production, subsidies will be granted in proportion to the actual investment amount not exceeding 12%, and the maximum of a single project is not more than 8 million yuan. Priority will be given to companies with projects in strategic emerging industries and high-tech manufacturing.

5.Support the Land Allocation and Utilisation of Companies in the Area. Increase the local matching rate of key enterprises. For industrial enterprises above designated size with annual revenue and tax are increasing year-on-year, who purchase identified key matching products in the fields of new energy vehicles, robots, intelligent equipment and others produced by local enterprises, 2% of the annual new matching amount will be subsidized, and the maximum for each enterprise shall not exceed 2 million yuan.

6.Support Brand Building and Standard Setting. Reward 1 million yuan for the newly recognized

National Industrial Brand CultivationDemonstration Enterprises; for newly recognized National "Three Pin" (increasing variety, improving quality, creating brand) strategic pilot demonstration enterprises, industrial fine brand enterprises, provincial "300 Projects" Enterprises and municipal Three Pin demonstration enterprises, an award of 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan will be given respectively. Funding rewards for implementation of standardization projects, leading companies that presided over the formulation and implementation of international standards, national standards, industry standards, local standards, and group standards (alliance standards) would be rewarded with 1 million yuan, 500,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan, and 100,000 yuan respectively; enterprises that presided over revisions, participated in the formulation (revision) and implemented of the above standards would be rewarded with 300,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan, and 50,000 yuan respectively.

(III) Reduce the Cost of Enterprises

7.Further Reduce Corporate Taxes and Fees. Implement preferential policies such as Pretax Additional Deduction for R&D expenses, accelerated depreciation of fixed assets, income tax reduction for small and micro-sized enterprises and high-tech enterprises. 8. Reduce Corporate Financing Costs. Set up a 200 million yuan Advanced Manufacturing Industry Development Fund to give play to the guidance and amplification effect of fiscal funds and the demonstration and leading role of state-owned capital. Improve the incentive mechanism of the equity investment guidance funds, guide funds to participate in the sub-fund, and introduce foreign superior projects in line with the investment field of the guiding fund to register and operate in New Area; for the above projects, on the basis of obtaining a one-time reward of 2% of the equity investment of the sub-fund by the municipal finance, the Area finance will give another 1% reward. Carry out pilot bank credit incentives, give a certain proportion of financial incentives to qualified commercial banks with loans to advanced manufacturing enterprises; carry out loan risk compensation for manufacturing enterprises, and arrange loan risk compensation funds at a ratio of no more than 2% for new loans from financial institutions to large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the Area.

9.Reasonably Reduce Enterprise Labor Costs. The contribution rate of the basic pension insurance for enterprise employees shall be 18%; the unemployment insurance rate shall be reduced periodically from 1.5% to 1%, of which the unit rate shall be reduced from 1% to 0.7%. Enterprises with difficulties may also apply for the deferral of pension insurance according to law, which in principle, the accumulative period of deferred payment shall not exceed one year, and no overdue fine will be charged during the period.

Before April 30, 2018, according to its own situation, after discussion and approval by the employee congress or trade union, the enterprise could determine an appropriate housing provident fund ratio between 5% and 12%, and implement after approval by the Housing Provident Fund Management Center. On this basis, enterprises with difficulties in production and operation can also apply for deferred payment according to law.

Support the cultivation of high-skilled talents, promote school-enterprise cooperation, provide corresponding subsidies for eligible projects of universities, technical colleges and enterprises to jointly build off-campus training bases or joint school running. 10.Reduce the Cost of Land, Housing and Power of Enterprises. Continue to implement the flexible transfer mechanism for industrial land. Existing industrial projects will increase the utilization rate and the construction volume ratio of newly-built industrial projects exceed the prescribed part without changing the purpose, and no longer increase the land price. Encourage major functional areas to entrust state-owned platform companies to build general-purpose workshops and supporting industrial parks, shorten the project construction cycle, and realize the rapid commissioning and operation of leading or key supporting projects in advanced manufacturing industries.

Under the premise of not changing the use of existing industrial projects, the land price will not be increased if increasing the utilization rate or building plot ratio of newly-built industrial projects exceed the prescribed part. Encourage the major functional areas to entrust state-owned platform companies to build general workshops and supporting industrial parks, shorten the project construction cycle, and realize the rapid operation of leading or key supporting projects in advanced manufacturing industry.

Actively develop corporate public rental housing, encourage enterprises to invest in the construction of public rental housing, and rent out for employers or park employees; support enterprises to use existing land to build rental housing to reduce the living cost of employees.

Implement the provincial power price reduction policy, explore direct transactions between qualified power users and power generation companies, and expand the scope of the direct supply pilot. Improve the price linkage mechanism between the upstream and downstream of natural gas and urban water supply, and open the prices of non residential gas at the right time.

11.Reduce Enterprise Intermediary and Logistics Costs. For intermediary services that are subject to market pricing, promote

reasonable reduction of intermediary service charges through market competition; for intermediary services that implement government pricing or government guidance prices, conduct cost assessments, and appropriately lower the charging standards; and appropriately lower the charging standards for intermediary services belong to administrative fees.. Optimize the development environment of logistics, strictly implement the national and provincial toll road "Green Channel" policies; standardize the charges of airports, railways and ports.

(IV) Promote the Integration of Internet & Manufacturing

12.Develop New Manufacturing Models. Support enterprises to build new manufacturing models and industrial internet platforms such as Internet-based personalized customization, crowdsourcing design, cloud manufacturing, online fault diagnosis and maintenance, etc., and grant subsidies at 30% of the actual investment amount for the completion of the project, and the maximum subsidy for each project is 3 million yuan. For enterprises identified by Qingdao as internet industrial platforms, smart factories or interconnected factories, digital workshops or automated production lines, supporting funds shall be provided at a 1:1 ratio.

13.Improve Intelligent Equipment Level. Subsidies in a proportion of 10% in accordance with the actual amount of the purchase contract will be granted to enterprises for the purchase of intelligent equipment including additive manufacturing (3D printing), high-end CNC machine tools, robots, image recognition and machine vision, laser engraving (cutting) and others or complete sets. And the subsidy rate will add to 15% if the products are developed and produced by local enterprises with a maximum of 2 million yuan for each enterprise. An award of 5 million yuan, 3 million yuan, and 1 million yuan will be given to the intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises recognized by the state, province, and city, respectively.

14.Promote Integration & Application of Platforms. For the migration of enterprise business systems to the cloud, and innovative applications such as supply and demand docking, supply chain integration, industrial e-commerce, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding based on local industrial Internet and other third-party platforms, 30% of the actual contract amount of the platform users will be subsidized every year, with a maximum of 500,000 yuan per enterprise.

(V) Stimulate and Protect Entrepreneurship

15.Rewarding Corporate Executives. Among the stock enterprises, those with operating income of more than 1 billion yuan in that year or the top 100 local economic development contributors in the Area, for their newly added local senior taxpayers (including chairman, vice chairman, general manager, deputy general manager, supervisor, chief supervisor, chief economist, chief accountant or equivalent level of staff, each company does not exceed 10, the same below), within three years, 30% of the district-level actual portion of individual income tax will be rewarded, up to 11 million yuan per person per year. The cumulative award of a single enterprise shall not exceed 30% of the actual financial contribution of the district level that year.

16.Among the newly introduced projects, within 3 years from the date of the land-use projects obtain lands and leasing plant projects registered, achieve statistical declaration and formed a district-level actual financial contribution of more than 1 million yuan (including). Within three years from the year of tax payment, the project senior management and senior R&D personnel will be rewarded with 100% of the district-level actual portion of individual income tax.

No more than 10 reward personnels for each company, with a maximum of 1 million yuan per person per year, and the cumulative reward should not exceed 30% of the actual financial contribution of the district level that year.

17.Improve the Quality of Entrepreneurs. Every year, recommend 10-20 entrepreneurs to attend training and inspections abroad; and organize around 100 entrepreneurs to attend concentrated training at well-known domestic universities.


VI. Supplementary Provisions

(I) The existing policies in "Opinions on Promoting the Innovation and Development of the Information and the Internet Industry" (Qingdao West Coast New Area Administration [2017] No. 4), "Opinions on Accelerating the Transformation of Manufacturing Industry" (Qingdao West Coast New Area Administration [2017] No. 5) inconsistent with this Opinion, this Opinion shall prevail.

(II) The cashing of all incentive and support policies in this document shall be handled in accordance with the regulations of Qingdao Huangdao District Enterprise Award and Support Fund Management Measures (Qingdao West Coast New Area Administration [2017] No. 26.

(III) This policy will be implemented from May 1, 2018, and will be valid until April 30, 2023. It shall be formulated, implemented and interpreted by the District Industry and Information Bureau in conjunction with relevant departments.