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Airbus Helicopter's First Final Assembly Production Line Settled in Qingdao West Coast New District

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On June 13th, the Chinese partner composed of Qingdao United General Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd. and China Aviation Equipment Group signed a framework contract with Airbus Helicopter Group on the establishment of H135 helicopter assembly line at the Sino-German Ecological Park of Qingdao West Coast New Area in Beijing Great Hall of the People. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel witnessed the signing ceremony.

It is reported that the contract is a concrete implementation of the letter of intent signed in October last year. The completed assembly line will become the first Airbus helicopter assembly line in China.

According to the contract, Airbus Helicopters will work with a Chinese partner to establish the first H135 series helicopter assembly line outside Europe in Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park. The assembly line will be invested and constructed in strict accordance with Airbus Helicopters’ German standards, planned for 2018 officially put into production, with a designed production capacity of 36 aircraft/year. At the same time, Qingdao West Coast New District, where the assembly line is located, will become the only light series helicopter industrial cooperation base for Airbus helicopters in China.

"We are very pleased with the progress of this cooperation between Airbus Helicopters and Chinese partners. With the gradual opening of China's low-altitude airspace and the continuous development of the civilian and public service areas of China, it is expected to become the world's largest civilian helicopter market in the next few years. In the next 20 years, the Chinese market will need about 600 light twin-engine helicopters," said Nobel, President of Airbus Helicopters China.

With the advanced technology, compact form factor, relatively small rotor diameter, perfect cabin size and excellent twin-engine power performance, the Airbus H135 has become one of the world's most popular light twin-engine helicopters, mainly operating in the public service field, which includes missions, such as, helicopter emergency medical rescue (HEMS), police aviation, patrol command, fire fighting, search and rescue, tourism, sightseeing and business transportation.

At present, nearly 1,200 H135 helicopters have been delivered to the world with more than 3 million flight hours accumulated.