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The First Local Regulations on Marine Protection are Officially Implemented

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From March 1, the "Regulations on the Management of Zhoushan National Special Marine Protected Area" were officially implemented. In China, this is the first local regulations of national special marine protected area, firstly permit sea fishing, and the first to implement shellfish fishing license.

Average Annual Rate of Sea Fishing at 600,000 Person-time

Ecological Recovery Capacity of the Sea Area is Weakening

"In recent years, governments at all levels have seriously implemented the Fishery Law, the Marine Environmental Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations. Although some results have been achieved, due to the lack of pertinence and operability in some areas, behaviors such as sea fishing, Shellfish algae fishing, trawling with recreational fishing boats, diving fishing with destructive auxiliary tools, etc., are out of control or overflowing."

According to the person in charge of the Legal Committee of Zhoushan Municipal People's Congress, as they know, the average annual rate of sea fishing in Zhoushan is 600,000 person-time. The increasing of sea fishers, especially the emergence of professionals with advanced tools, has led to disorderly digging of fish bait, use of explosives and electricity in fishing.

Coupled with factors such as the marine environmental pollution, ecological destruction, etc., the ecological recovery capacity of Zhoushan sea area was once weakened. The trend of a sharp decline in some economic fish was difficult to reverse. Only 20 or 30 species were frequently caught.

Enact New Regulations

The Total Protection Area Has Exceeded Zhoushan Island

At the end of the year before last year, Zhoushan City began to draft the "Regulations"; the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee setted up a legislative leadership group; after nearly a year of investigation, demonstration, drafting and modification, on November 1 of last year, the Zhoushan Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee reviewed and passed the "Regulations" and was finally approved by the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee on December 1 of last year.

The “Regulations on the Management of Zhoushan National Special Marine Protected Area” mainly apply to the two national protected areas in Zhoushan. One is Zhejiang Putuo Zhongjieshan Islands Special Marine Protected Area composed of Miaozi Lake, Qingbang, Dongfu Mountain, Huangxing and other islands and related sea areas. The other is Zhejiang Shengsi Ma'an Islands Special Marine Protected Area composed of Gouqi, Shengshan, Huaniao, Lvhua, Bixia, and other islands, sea reefs and related sea areas.

The former one has an area of 202.9 square kilometers, and the latter has an area of 549 square kilometers, with a total area of 751.9 square kilometers, exceeding the Zhoushan Island.

Reporter of Qianjiang Evening News was informed that in order to implement the "Regulations", a leading group of Zhoushan Special Marine Protected Area has established to coordinate related matters. In Shengsi and Putuo, protected area administrations were also established to implement and execute relevant policies. More operational interim measures for the specific management of sea fishing and shellfish fishing, and the motor vehicle access system in the protected area, etc., are under draft and will be introduced as soon as possible.